As you just arrived in Lille, you will need to open a French bank account.

► OUR PARTNERSHIP with La Société Générale gives you some advantages such as :

- 40€ given for the opening (you receive the 40€ after 7 operations, that means you have to withdraw money or make deposits to prove that you are active)
- Fees : only 0,8 cts per month 
- Free bank transfers in France
- The ESN support and assistance
And many other advantages…! 

► MEETING : we planned some appointments with the bank and some ESN members who will help you with the procedure, you can join the ERASMUS 2014/2015 group to have more details about the different appointments.
If you want to go on your own you have to get a flyer from the ESN Office to give it to the bank, and also to send us a message so we make sure that you get all the advantages of the partnership.

You will need some supporting documents such as :
- Your ID card
- A scholarship certificate
- Proof of address (apartment or residence contract or the lease)

- Fill this form :

If you have any question don’t hesitate to ask us on facebook.

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